As the kitschy seventies obsession of indoor foliage has proven to be more of a mainstay than a fleeting trend, businesses are following suit.

That’s because adding lush, green office plants to bustling communal spaces and tucked-away desks is more than just a design choice. The presence of plants can make your employees feel good while they’re at work. 

5 Big Benefits of Plants in Your Office

Office style has often been cited as a testament to your company’s culture, a differentiator for potential candidates, and a reflection of your brand as a whole. When you decide to elevate your interior by adding plants to the mix, you’ll reap even more benefits than you’d expect. Researchers at Texas A&M University conducted a comprehensive study of plants and their effects on the workplace. Here’s what they found: 

They’ll Boost Your Workday Mood 

Feeling the Monday mehs? The presence of plants can cheer you up. Want to help your staff get through the winter blues? Celebrate National Houseplant Day on January 10th by surprising everyone in the office with a plant of their own to add a little green to the dreary, cold months of winter.

Office Plants Aid in Cultivating Creativity

Lining up succulents alongside your laptop can help you build the perfect environment to come up with your next big idea. Because plants with bold colors better lend to creativity, consider blooming botanicals like Cyprus vine or get a little flashy with your flora by purchasing painted plants that have been popping up just about everywhere. 

They Literally Clear the Air 

No, not the kind of “clear the air” that made you cringe in last week’s meeting. Office plants improve the atmosphere you live and breathe in all day long by removing toxins. They naturally trap toxins like carbon dioxide and break them down, so you’ll breathe better and be less susceptible to illness. 

An office plant placed by an open collaborative space

Office Plants Improve Focus and Productivity

By supporting a relaxing environment, plants can produce the calming environment employees need to center themselves and hone in on their important work. Strategically place larger plant installations in areas where desks are huddled together to foster a space that’s meant to allow staff to focus. 

They Absorb Distracting Noises

While collaboration is always a good idea, the chatter and constant flybys from fellow employees can prevent you from checking off the crucial to-dos on your task list. The larger plants you place around desk pods for focus can also serve as buffers for the hustle and bustle that distracts the unlucky coworkers who are seated in high-traffic areas. 

Our Favorite Office Plants for Desks and Common Areas 

Other-Wordly Air Plants

Spindly little Tillandsia, otherwise known as “air plants” don’t need soil, so they offer an endless amount of ways for you to creatively display them perched at your desk, posted to a wall, or hanging from a window. 

An air plant in an office terrarium

Pint-Sized Succulents 

The growing popularity of succulents isn’t all that surprising. Easy to care for and adorably ready to display in miniature pots, these cute and compact members of the plant species can add the perfect amount of pop to any desk.

Stylishly Striped Snake Plants

Snake plants come in a variety of styles, from short, bushy arrangements of yellow-bordered leaves to thick dark leaves that stretch up to three feet. Rarely requiring water, this fashionable foliage is surprisingly no fuss. 

A snake plant by an office window

Climbing Philodendrons

Rich in color and relaxed when it comes to care, climbing philodendrons can convince anyone that they’ve got a green thumb. Open office space? Create your own fortress by adding a stake to the center of the pot and watch your philodendron climb. 

Hanging Spider Plants

Lucky enough to sit by a window? Spider plants love nothing more than to bask in the sun and bloom long, layered leaves, and miniature “spiderette” versions of themselves on their ends. 

A hanging spider plant

Lucky Money Trees

These legendary, low maintenance trees are said to bring favor and luck to their owners. Set atop the desk of the office statement maker or plant money trees by the entrance of your workplace for instant appeal. 

One Gift Card: Lots of Ways to Go Green

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Consider including Giftogram gift cards to welcome packages for new employees. They’ll appreciate the generous invitation to dress up their workspace with plants and pops of color that make it feel lively and lived-in.

An office desk with plants from an employee welcome package

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